CMS-VE Visual Electronic Stethoscope

Electronic Stethoscope, ECG and Saturation monitor in 1

CMS-VE visual electronic stethoscope is integrated with functions of electronic stethoscope, cardiogram and pulse oximeter. It takes the latest sensor technology to monitor human heart sound and lung sound with adjusted volume control, and it also adds functions like ECG monitor and pulse oximeter. Its high resolution color LCD screen displays real-time ECG waveform, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation(% Spo2) to help doctors diagnose in time. This visual electronic stethoscope is a lightweight, convenient device. It offers user the ability to monitor vital signs in daily life.

CMS-VE Features

  • Portable and convenient to operate
  • based on latest piezo sensor technology
  • Powerful electronics amplify the sound up to a maximum of 32 times
  • 16 steps programmable volume settings
  • Sound model: Heart, Lung, Heart and Lung
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20,000Hz
  • Real-time record and display the heart rate and ECG
  • TFT color LCD display (65536 color): 160*128 pixels
  • Accommodates infant, pediatric, and adult patients
  • 4.2V Rechargeble Lithium battery
  • Automatic switch off after 3 minutes from last button activation