sp10 spirometer

Our spirometer SP10 is an electronic pocket spirometer for homecare.

The device is available in a USB and a Bluetooth version.


SP10 bluetooth can be connected to the WiPaM SpiroSat android app for follow-up of patients at a distance.

The results can be transmitted to the WiPaM telemedicine platform.

Specifications SP10

  • Homecare for adults and children
  • Shows the spirometry test results on its LCD screen
  • Measures the most important spirometry values
  • Shows the flow-volume and volume-time loop on its LCD screen
  • Internal lithium battery can be charged using a USB port or connected to a socket


  • FVC
  • FEV1
  • FEV1 ratio
  • PEF
  • FEF25
  • FEF75
  • FEF2575
  • FEV0.5