Spirometry Accessories

Mouth Pieces

  • mouthpiecesCarbon mouthpieces for adults (30 mm diameter)
  • Carbon mouthpieces for children (22mm)
  • Adapter 30mm -->22mm
  • Plastic mouthpieces for adults (30 mm)
  • Plastic mouthpieces for children (30mm-->22mm)
  • Spirometry Filters

Nose clip

accessoires spirometer3

Calibration Syringes

calibration syringe

Our spirometers do not need calibration. We do however offer aluminium calibration syringues for clients that require yearly calibrations for auditing reasons.

Our calibration syringues are suited for every type of spirometer and come in volumes of 10ml (acrylic), 100ml (acrylic), 500ml, 1L, 3L and 7L.